My mission is to help women struggling with weight issues, stress, anxiety of food addictions.

Helping you achieve your goals with long term results in a safe, non judgemental space with complete confidentiality.


The program I offer  has a six month commitment to help you get the best possible, long lasting results. 

I also offer group coaching.

We can meet in person, or have our sessions on the phone.  

Sessions are  three (3) times a month for both 1:1 and group coaching.  

I utilize my experience and training, along with the various tools and exercises that are effective and easy to learn.

You will leave your sessions re-energized, refreshed and renewed.


Who do I work with - women who are tired of struggling with keeping their weight off, feeling guilty with the lack of results, weight plateaus, binge eating, food issues, yo yo dieting  -  you are not alone - I can help. 

Women spend so much time taking care of others at the expense of their own health and wel-being.   

You owe it to yourself to put yourself first.

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Grab interest

Find out for yourself if what I have to offer is right for you. Schedule a Free Get Trim Now Session with me.  Send me an email with your phone # so we can talk and schedule your Free Get Trim Now Session.  

Generate excitement

See yourself in the mirror looking just the way you want wearing your new, "look out world "outfits looking as the beautiful person you are.

Close the deal

If you are serious about change and want to stop looking for the next best new thing; this is the last place you need to go.  

We will work together all along the process to make sure you achieve your desired results and have sustained long term results. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with me.  I am here for you. 

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Kathleen Hoagland

Weight Reduction Coach

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